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About Us

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

Welcome to Nigeria Coding Academy

Let’s explore more about us.

Discover a place where coding dreams come to life, nurturing tomorrow’s tech leaders in Nigeria.

Our Beginning

In Nigeria’s dynamic cities and tranquil towns, hidden brilliance awaits its transformation into something groundbreaking.

Founded in 2023, Nigeria Coding Academy embarked on a mission: to close the digital gap and foster world-class developers who excel globally.

Our Belief

We stand by the truth: talent is everywhere, opportunities are not. Our mission is to dismantle barriers, offering an inclusive learning environment. Diversity fuels innovation, bringing varied perspectives that disrupt the tech industry.

What We Provide

Dynamic Curriculum

Our courses range from basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to advanced machine learning and data science, catering to all levels. Our curriculum adapts to the tech industry’s rapid advancements, keeping our students ahead.


Seasoned software engineers from around the globe mentor our students. This guidance spans coding skills to career advice, preparing students for tech careers, from internships to entrepreneurship.


At our core is our community. Beyond coding, students join a network of supportive peers, alumni, and industry influencers. Regular events, hackathons, and workshops foster continuous growth and networking.

Our Achievements

Our alumni have made their marks at global tech firms, launched startups, and enriched Nigeria’s tech scene.

Witnessing our students mentor newcomers, sparking a cycle of empowerment. This is our greatest success.

Looking Ahead

As the digital era accelerates, Africa is set to be a major player, with Nigeria leading the charge. Nigeria Coding Academy is not just preparing job-ready individuals; we’re molding future digital leaders for Africa.

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Join Our Movement

Whether you’re beginning your coding journey, a tech aficionado, or a seasoned developer wanting to contribute, you belong here.

Immerse yourself in coding, challenge norms, and join the movement redefining Africa’s digital narrative.

Thank you for exploring Nigeria Coding Academy. We eagerly await your participation, be it online or at our Nigerian campuses.

Together, let’s forge the future with code!

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